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Fireplace Chimney Sweep Solutions are experts in Ridgeland Mississippi insert fireplaces. With over 40 years of experience, here is all the information you could need about your fireplace, chimney, and vents. A fireplace is a warm and inviting fixture in the home. If you use it throughout the year, this fixture can provide an alternative heat source from a central heating system. Fireplaces, however, are prone to safety issues, fire hazards and smoke problems, especially when they do not receive proper care and maintenance. When a fireplace begins to smoke, several factors might be to blame. Here are 4 reasons your fireplace may be smoking.

  1. Dirt and Creosote

One of the most common causes of smoke entering the home from a fireplace is dirt or creosote buildup in the flue. Known as “flue gas,” creosote is vaporized carbon-based steam that builds up and causes condensation on the interior sides of the chimney. Creosote often occurs from the burning of wet wood, which creates limited heat that is unable to burn off the condensation, thus leaving creosote buildup behind. Inspect and clean your chimney once a year to prevent buildup and odors that come from a dirty chimney.

  1. Blocked Damper or Flue

A damper is an apparatus that allows smoke to escape the chimney, and a flue is a small duct that allows smoke to escape. If the damper or flue is blocked, smoke will build up and return down to enter the home from the fireplace. This issue can fill a home with smoke very quickly, which is not only a fire hazard, but a safety hazard as well. If the damper or flue is blocked, rusted, or damaged, replace it immediately.

  1. Weather

The weather outside can affect how smoke escapes from a chimney. During high winds, a downdraft can push the smoke back through the chimney and into the home. Prevent this by using a chimney cap, which deflects high winds and allows smoke to escape from the top of the chimney. It is best to have a professional install a chimney cap, because one that is too small will cause the flue to become undersized and increase the smoke within the home.

  1. Household Activities

Certain household activities can affect a fireplace’s ability to release smoke from the top of the chimney. Open windows, fans, dryers, and exhaust fans can suck smoke from the inside of a fireplace and chimney and disperse it throughout the room. If smoke is entering the home, make sure that windows are closed, fans are turned off and the door to the laundry room is closed to see if that stops the smoke from coming back down the chimney.

Have you had a Chimney Inspection This Year?

It is a great idea to have annual chimney inspections just to make sure everything is in working order and operating correctly. You may be due for a cleaning or have other deficiencies that may interfere with the proper use of your fireplace, wood stove, furnace, or other heating appliances. Don’t risk having a serious defect that could turn into a disaster, get your chimney inspected by our trained technicians.

When Do I Need a Chimney Inspection?

When having performance issues with your fireplace, chimney, or heating system your symptoms may indicate that things are not operating the way they should. Don’t wait, schedule an inspection. Waiting always results in more costly remedies and repairs and unfortunately can result in property loss, injuries, and death. Each year over 200 million dollars are lost because homeowners were using unsafe systems.

If you have recently purchased a home, it is always a good idea to get the chimney and flue system inspected. If you have upgraded or changed heating systems or added a wood stove – you really need to make sure that your chimney and venting systems are working properly and designed to handle the changes, if you have not used your fireplace in a long time that is a good reason to get a chimney inspection.

When you don’t use the fireplace much, you give pests a chance to clog your flues with their nests. Winter freezes and thaws take a toll on masonry and liner materials over many years of exposure. Often, homeowners experience weather related deterioration, that if left unchecked can affect the structural integrity of your chimney and flue.


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Ridgeland Mississippi insert fireplacesYour chimney crown is the area that is around the top of the chimney. Not the chimney cap that is an attachment that is added to the top of the flue pipe. The chimney crown tops off the masonry walls of the chimney, usually with a wider masonry or cement area. This solid covering stops moisture from filtering down through your brick or stonework in your chimney. It protects the mortar that holds everything together.

Time, weather, heat and cold all play a part in the deterioration of the chimney crown. It is the most exposed part of your chimney, as such needs to be inspected annually.

Fireplace Chimney Sweep has been in business since 1979. Started by my brother, the first Certified Sweep in my family, he taught that the most important aspects of business are the people we serve and the quality of work that we do. We protect our customers by carrying liability insurance, and we serve the entire Central Mississippi area and beyond. Our skilled technicians are experienced in chimney cleaning, relining, chimney cap installation, brick repairs and much more. We serve property management companies to maintain safe operations of fireplaces and dryer vents in condominiums and apartments. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority.

Certified and insured, Family-owned and operated since 1979.

We remove dangerous, flammable creosote from inside the chimney. We clean brick fireplaces, prefab fireplaces, inserts and wood stoves. A fireplace standard cleaning includes a visual inspection and removal of the flaky creosote deposits from the fireplace system (the chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox). Special rods, chimney brushes, hand brushes and a vacuum are used. Creosote is flammable and the risk of a chimney fire is present. If creosote is ignited, the intensity of the heat can crack the tile liner and flames pose a fire hazard to the home. The tile liner is one of the many areas we check during an inspection. We use a camera to inspect what cant been seen by the naked eye inside the chimney, looking for cracks and missing mortar between tiles as well as buckled pipes in prefab chimneys.

A chimney cap does a great job at keeping moisture, leaves and pests out of your chimney. This is extremely important to the longevity of your chimney. Moisture, rain, wind, snow, and ice are all enemies of the inside of your chimney. The more you block them from coming in the less damage they will cause. Having a chimney without a chimney cap is like heating your home and leaving the front door open.

Water is the biggest problem with all types of chimney liners, so take steps to reduce the intrusion of moisture with a good cap. If you don’t have a chimney cap on your chimney, give Fireplace Chimney Sweep Solutions a call now: 601-281-0199. It is the best long-term investment that you can make for your chimney’s sake. Chimney caps come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

There are 16,700 Dryer Vent Fires a Year

Why? Most people don’t know their dryer vents need to be cleaned. They clean out their lint filter and think that’s it. But the dryer vent duct is where the lint can really build up and get clogged. Lint is highly flammable, which accounts for most dryer vent fires.

In addition to lint build up, improper installation of your dryer vent system can also pose a danger to you. A dryer vent cleaning professional will detect potential hazards such as the presence of flammable vinyl duct or a duct run that is improperly router. So, ensure your families safety with a professional inspection from Fireplace Chimney Sweep Solutions Today.

Fireplace Chimney Sweep Solutions is experienced and certified for Ridgeland Mississippi insert fireplaces. We also are recognized as a Top Gun local business leader by The County Advisory Board!


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